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Class Details

Class Name:  Chain Making Basics

Class Cost:  $35.00 (plus supplies)

Class Length:  2.5 hours

Class Level:  Intro



Bonus:  In an effort to ensure that students achieve successful results in class, as well as to keep the cost of the class low, we request that students purchase class supplies or class kit from Crystal Creations Bead Institute. On all PAID classes, students will receive 10% off all applicable class supplies and/or required kits for class project. Class discounts do not apply for FREE Classes, FREE Workshops, or Guest Teacher kits which are brought in by teachers.

Class Description:

Discover the world of creativity available in jump ring jewelry, pieces created by linking individual rings of sterling silver or gold filled wire.

Make your own chains for hanging pendants, make drapes of chain, flat chain mail, byzantine chain, and more! Learn about the different qualities of metals and tools, what to use and what not to use, the gauges of wire, and of course the techniques for putting together the jump rings into a gorgeous original piece you'll be proud to wear, give, or sell. Buying a piece of pre-made chain jewelry can be very expensive... Save yourself some money and make your own! This class is approximately 2-2 1/2 hours.

Our Guarantee:

We search the beading world, from coast to coast, for inspiration, ideas and talent to share with you! Itís our very great pleasure to bring you the finest guest teachers Ė and to watch you grow and learn from them. We think itís exciting Ė thatís why weíre one of the few bead shops in the country that sponsor guest instructors.